Thursday, September 9, 2010

B.Alive in Rome

     Two nights ago in Rome, on the rooftop terrace of my friends Sienna and Yves, I was fortunate enough to be a guest at a raw gourmet meal prepared by Boris Lauser of B.Alive.  Boris Lauser is a Gourmet raw food chef from Berlin, who prepared a Balinese themed gourmet meal for 22 guests.  The theme was, "Tropical Inspirations from Bali."  It truly was inspired.  The food was delicious, the presentation beyond anything I expected, and the love and attention to detail absolutely superb.  It was a splendid evening full of love, life and epiphany on my behalf.  
     I brought Ettore, who was a rather reluctant participant, expecting celery and carrots, and the need for food afterwards.  To be fair, his only experience in the world of raw food has been through me and my obsession with green super food smoothies.  Not exactly the epitome of flavors and diversity!  He was blown away by the explosion of flavors we tasted, as was I. 
     My experience was rather, a spiritual one.  I loved all the food and luckily a much better and talented writer than I has written a glowing review of the food and the evening which you can readHERE. 
     My experience reaffirmed for me the philosophy that, “You are what you eat.”  I made a decision in my adult life that I no longer what to be a part of the cycle of violence and sorrow in the food chain.  There is nothing natural about slaughter and animal agriculture, and the inspired evening reiterated for me what I hold close to my heart.  I do not want to consume pain.  When we eat animals and their bodily secretions we consume their energy of pain and sorrow.  One thing I am certain of is that energy never dies, the world is a cycle of energy, and we are stardust.  When I eat live food I feel clearer, level headed, and my solar plexus feels aligned.  I feel balanced.  If we are what we eat, then eating a gourmet raw food meal made with integrity and love means we are a part of this energy cycle.  We become alive, hence, B.Alive.   Boris Lauser radiates life and positive energy.  Everything we need to live is in the plant world, and we can do it with variety, flavors, and creativity. 
     So I thank Boris for this evening of love, creativity, and color.  I thank Sienna and Yves for providing such a suitable terrace for everyone to enjoy, and most of all I thank Mother Nature for providing such an explosion of color and flavors.  It was beyond a doubt an inspired evening.  

Ettore enjoying a glass of local and organic Bellone before the dinner started

Cucumber with balinese flavor infused cashew cheese

Chinese Style Dumplings with sweet and sour dipping sauce

Guests enjoying their delicious dumplings

Preparing the Gado-Gado, a rainbow of raw food
Such amazing colors...full of life and love
The purple beans were to DIE for.   So good!
Cardamom Coconut Halva

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Burton Anderson: Mi fa depressa

I am reading the 1980 edition of this book:  Vino:  The Wines and Winemakers of Italy and I feel I have been cheated.  Born in the wrong era!  This book is one of the most beautifully and poetically written books on wine I have ever read, and there are many stories about wine legends, now departed and the sensual, unforgetable but also not replicable wine they made.  This is a time before the phrase Super Tuscan, a time when there were no terms like biodynamic, sustainable, or natural wines.  Those catch phrases now used more as a marketing tool rather than an adjective describing the passion of a wine maker.    The men and women who made their wine in the traditional way, with organic and natural procecsses did it out of love, not for marketing.  This was right on the cusp, the time of the greats was peaking and Coca Cola just spent $36 million investing in Montalcino to produce more industrial crap. I am on the hunt for one of the last great bottles ever made by a Prince who spent his time tending his vineyard like it was his special, and who, to prevent his vineyard being molested by the wrong people, tore out all the vines and never looked back.  This all happened before I got out of high school.