Saturday, June 5, 2010

Kitchenless Cook

Well, this is my kitchen, folks.  I haven't been able to cook for over a week now so I am going stir crazy.  I feel like an addict trying to overcome the overwhelming desire for my drug of choice.  I find myself pouring over cookbooks, I buy magazine after magazine full of recipes I want to try.  The kitchen never arrives.  They are missing one part, so therefore, the kitchen that should have arrived by the 28th of May. is still not here.   We designed it and paid in full the first week of May!  We gutted the old one thinking it would just be a day or two before the magic would begin.  Alas, I have been forced to eat out, buy pizza, eat vegemite sandwiches for dinner, and sometimes, go to bed hungry.  My inner Buddha drives me to be patient, I know this is just a short amount of time in the scheme of things, but, I can no longer bear to look at the empty walls and the hideous tiles of the previous owner.  I think I have eaten enough pizza for two Roman legions.  I want to have people over for lunches outside in the gazebo.  At this point, they'll all be lucky to get a cracker with a sun-dried tomato.
   In my spare time I write up menus for make believe dinners and lunches I will host.  I think the lack of creative outlet in the kitchen is starting to make me hallucinate.  I wonder about last suppers or what I would serve to The Golden Girls.
I express myself through food and wine.  I make lunches and dinners according to how I am feeling that particular day.  And right now, I am craving a giant bowl of fusilli with a sauce made of roma tomatoes, onion, lots of red peppers from Calabria and some basil.  I could eat at least a kilo of the stuff right now.  You guys can decide what that says about me.