Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thousands Linger in Hell!

No-kill shelters are BIG business in Italy:
It is disgusting how people take advantage of animals for profit.

There is one of these Canile Lager right near Rome, in Rieti. I am trying to
get some of the older dogs out, but I can't help them all.
there are only THREE people helping over 700 dogs.
Better is Laura at
she responds quickly to emails.
I have posted about one, Sole, and received emails regarding wanting to

Your best option would be through them:
Giuliana Montella

Giuliana is a volunteer and organizer with the canili in Rome and speaks

Another option is long distance adoption of one of the dogs of Rieti. This will
ensure the dog will be taken to a canile that actually has volunteers and grass
and has contact with other dogs. The dogs of Rieti NEVER get out of their
cages, NEVER.

2 urgent dogs

Maxina is quasi paralyzed and lived in a Canile Lager in the south of Italy.
She was rescued and then is now slowly losing back leg ability to walk. She
needs help, urgently.

And of course, Sole

If we all pitch in a little, we can help these dogs. STOP RANDAGISIMO IN

Never buy a dog when so many(thousands and thousands) spend there life locked
up!! You can find dogs of any size, breed or age through the Canile