Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Poor Puppies


I haven't had much time to blog lately because I have three very sick puppies who have been in and out of the dog hospital for the last 2 weeks. They are now staying at home with me, but one of them is just not getting better.

I have been cooking, however, and I plan to catch up with my blog as soon as I don't have to be a doggy nurse anymore.

Look forward to Cime di Rapa, Amatriciana Vegana, and Minestrone delle Verdure.


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La Vita Deliziosa said...

I am sorry but your blog seems to have lots of information about breed speific dogs and buying dogs. I can't support anyone who buys or breeds dogs. There is no such thing as a responsible breeder. Countless times I have seen purebred female dogs in shelters left there by "responsible breeders" Why encourage people to buy dogs when millions have no homes and die in shelters?