Sunday, February 7, 2010

Looking Forward to Summer's Bounty

I don't know how much more of this rain and cold I can take.  I am sick of it, so I am dreaming of California summers.  this photo was taken in August 2009 at the "Complex" in Big Bear.  The whole fam got together for a BBQ, so I made Ettore and I vegan patties.  Everything save for the hamburger and bun came from my dad's super yummy vegetable garden. I did most of the marinade.  I think simple is best With  olive oil,  celtic salt, fresh rosemary and a bit of garlic, you've got a nice base for grilled vegetables.  My dad's avocados are seriously divine.  They are super rich, creamy, slightly sweet, but not watered down like what is at most stores.   They really stand on their own.   I miss a good California avocado.  Sorry, Israel, you ain't cutting it for me in Italy.

I just can't wait to move and to start summer grilling with veggies from my own garden.  Summer 2010!!

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JennShaggy said...

Haha thanks :) Omg that plate of food looks sooooo amazing.