Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Fall

I know I am a little late to welcome the fall.  I am also lagging on posting here, but for good reason.  Wine and Food and Dogs.  I am really busy tasting wine, making food and working in rescue, and I have neglected my blog.  We just passed the grape harvest and the making of the new wines.  Right now we are picking olives for olive oil.  Here are some photos of what has been going on.

Picking grapes for the 2011 Roèt
I found her with no fur while taking a walk.  Now she is a jewel.  
2nd kitten of the summer Bon Jovi
Fall means TRUFFLES!

My South-West version of Mylène's Lentil Burgers:

Ettore and I tried La Margutta a veg restaurant in Rome:  Great Food!

My Grilled Seitan at la Margutta

Sadly, this is one of two dogs we rescued this summer.  He is getting better but he is looking for his forever home.  TITO!
Picking Olives
I can't believe this comes from out land!
Ettore combing the trees
I am pretty happy with myself! This will be made into oil in a day or so.
Curing some of our olives
AWFUL tasting we attended
Bavetta the 13 year old grumpy lady we adopted.  We are twin souls


veganelder said...

Bavetta is a beauty (as are the other beings and plants too). :-)

Vanilla Rose said...

Slightly belated Xmas wishes!